a little update

i make 4 cups of coffee every morning. only 4. i used to make this small of a  pot on the sunday mornings when i would find myself putting a worship set list together far before anyone else was waking. the coffee was always terrible those mornings (i decided that i just didn’t know how to make anything under 10 cups). i’m happy to say that i’ve now mastered the art of brewing such a small pot.

i’m currently eating a blueberry muffin given to the husband and i by our friendly neighbors. today another neighbor is dropping by to say hello. and the first day of louissa-at-home-while-the-husband-goes-to-work? a new friend and then a new sister dropped by to see how i was.

speaking of “louissa-at-home-while-the-husband-goes-to-work” days — there haven’t been many. just one this past wednesday. then i’ve had him all to myself yesterday and will again today which makes our honeymoon period seem even longer. sure, the only reason i’m getting these extra moments is because he’s not been feeling well and was told not to go to work, but he’s still with me. all day long.

so don’t worry about me, i continue to be spoiled like always.

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