all is right

i’m home in my big green house. i’ve found a comfortable place on my couch with a favorite quilt to keep me warm. a good book and cup of hot chocolate are with me. in the background i hear my daddy and littlest of brothers playing a game in my dining room. the mums starts dinner in my kitchen — wonderful, familiar smells. big snowflakes fall to the ground and the clock tells me that it’s not much longer till the husband comes home.

and my heart knows that all is right in my world.

how can it not be? the Best holds it all together.

2 thoughts on “all is right

  1. …just got back from the dump (I mean transfer station…it’s the politically correct thing to call it) wrapping papers gone, bows saved, snow drifting and a chill from the just opened door whips down the hallway…Rich & James just finished shoveling Mrs. Demo’s driveway. I have been thinking of you and your sweetheart and so nice to know your Ma & Pa & brother are there (or were there). Also can picture you on your couch with a quilt, book, hot cocoa and Jesus in your heart….who knows all is in His hands.

    Loving you Louissa & Josiah

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