birthday love

Saturday Afternoon at My House.

My family (old name & new name family) gave me the best birthday present this year. They came to my house — my green home — and we had dinner together (and so much conversation and laughter and little ones playing). The photo shows it all — the many nieces and nephews, my curtainless windows (which would be my fault since I can’t make decisions), the energy, the stuffed-in-like-sardines feeling, the fun, and the reason i spent all morning today picking up and cleaning floors.

It was everything I needed and I didn’t even know. I almost cried as I finally laid my head down on my pillow which could be due to the fact that it wasn’t until late into the night and we lost an hour, but I say it’s because I was thinking about what an amazing family I was born into and what an amazing family I’ve been given this past year.

Everyone’s always said that I’m spoiled. I guess it’s still true.

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