sunday drive

After a mini emotional breakdown over nothing really — just the fact that there was a horrible night sleep followed by a day of pressure, responsibility, and energy draining activities, The wonderful Husband suggested something to cheer my tear-stained face: A Sunday Evening Drive.

I’ve recently discovered that I love driving around this area. I think it’s partly due to the fact that in five and a half months I’ve only been on three main highways and a few side streets. THAT’S ALL. I feel like there must be so much more to see.

And there is — if you’re like me and count dirt roads through the woods as something to see.

He brought me on trails that are really meant for snowmobiles during the winter and 4-wheelers during the summer and not really meant for our little car. Somewhere along the way we climbed up something because suddenly we were passing beautiful farms with rolling hills, displaying the Valley that we live in below. This really is a very pretty place. Our windows were rolled down and I could smell earth and hear birds and had no idea of where we were, and I was perfectly content like that.

Sometimes I’m surprised when I realize that it’s going to be six months soon. Six months of easy-ness. They all said that the first year was going to be the hardest. There are exceptions to every rule and I’m guessing we’re that — because not much about this married business has been difficult. We love being together.

And that’s something I asked God for long before I knew this Josiah Tabolt. And I got it. God’s good like that.

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