today felt like summertime

It felt like summertime because I woke to the noise of a fan (our upstairs gets incredibly warm incredibly fast) and I only grew up with fans in the bedroom on hot, sticky nights when they were most needed.

It felt like summertime because The Husband and I rode bikes down to the park here in town to watch a nephew in his little league game. Starting pitcher and youngest on the team. That’s how we roll. Well, okay, more so them and obviously not me at all since sports don’t come very… naturally to this here girl.

It felt like summertime because I spent most of the day in a downtown storefront property that this new church of mine has turned into a youth center. Coolest part? I got to pick out the paint colors (oh yes, perk to being the youth leader’s wife). Hello apple green accents everywhere! Tomorrow we open. So yes, today was much work. And it made me think of a different downtown storefront property up north and the many summertime events held there.

It felt like summertime because the late afternoon found me kneeling on earth while removing sod to start my very first flowerbed. Don’t you think of pioneers braving it in sod houses whenever you do anything with sod? I do.

And it feels like summertime because I’m freshly showered, in clean pajamas, and eating sherbet.

I like the way summertime feels.

One thought on “today felt like summertime

  1. How nice that you are feeling summertime! I wish we could say the same!
    How amazing that Little League is happening and we aree so far from such culture!
    And I am feeling headachy and congested and tired. But the Volkners are wonderful people, Gotz has been incredibly kind, and I am happy.
    I am praying that God will use us to spark ad new love and hunger. Pray for us as well!

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