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The 1st Vegetable Garden.

Taking on any sort of vegetable was new to me this Spring/Summer so we decided to start small. The soil is sandy and rocky and although we talked about adding something to make it more nutritious, other than The Husband watering it every now and then and picking weeds when we see them, this small plot is left to fend for itself in many ways. And somehow it’s growing and producing and will give us our very first veggies soon. Amazing.

It’s a Mango Now (19 weeks)!

I wasn’t sure if I would be a Follow the Bump’s Progression sort of person but I am completely that. I adore taking photos and keeping tabs on this absolute miracle. My body handles the growing, developing, and nourishing of this small human being for 9 whole months without me really doing anything. I can’t believe that it just happens! It sounds rather egocentric, but I’m completely fascinated with myself and my changing body that now houses life. It may help that other than hip, lower back, and leg aches, I’m feeling a bit back to my normal self. I guess I’m currently in the “I love being pregnant” stage.

The Truck.

This truck was purchased for a steal back in December but sat under a tarp all winter. The Husband has been working on rebuilding the motor for the last few months and it’s finally finished. I don’t know anything about trucks (I’m trying to change that) so I’m still a bit baffled by this one since all I see is a truck. But apparently this is a sweet truck. I know this because not only does The Husband tell me so, but wherever we go I’ve noticed that every man we pass gets the same look on his face — it’s the I’ve-never-seen-such-a-sweet-truck-before look. So, I guess our new truck really is awesome. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from The Husband.

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