One Year

Dear One Year Ago,

At this point, One Year Ago, I had woken, earlier than I needed to, in an absolute giddy state. I wandered around my childhood home in a trance, nothing to do, and needing something in a terrible way to keep me busy. Girls slowly started to arrive from other bedrooms or their homes down the road. Breakfast was eaten while hair started to be curled and makeup applied. And so much sitting and twiddling of my thumbs occurred.

You were the day that my Daddy brought me over to his office. We ran from his car to my childhood church in a torrential downpour and after grabbing a few needed items for a grand event we sat on the couch in his office. That was when he hugged me and cried and told me how proud he was of me. That’s when he told me that on that day a transfer needed to take place — the way that I had served him and put our family first was going to now be transferred over to A Husband and his family. I cried in the bittersweet of it all.

You were a morning full of so much laughter and fun. Have I ever been more excited? Girls spilled nail polish on pieces of furniture that don’t need nail polish stains, pampering happened as one sister spent the morning doing hair and makeup, more food was eaten, bouquets were passed out, and the picture taking started. Somehow my cheeks never hurt that entire day.

You were a dramatic fall day, One Year Ago. One minute the world would be darkened by grey clouds that seemed to hug us and the next second incredible sun would break through. I didn’t mind the dampness. I liked that you weren’t boring.

You were the day that I kissed a boy for the first time. That kiss happened in front of a few hundred people and I’ve been asked if that made it awkward. Not at all. I hardly cared who was watching in the moment. The Husband is the first I’ve kissed and he’ll be the last. And I love it like that.

What a merry day you were surrounded by the people most special to us. Those who helped us grow, who have been best friends, and who will be with us until our time is done on this earth. Family is a dear thing.

A lot of you, One Year Ago, is a fog. I know that the dear Daddy & Mums hosted a large dinner party with almost 200 guests. I know that toasts were given, prayers were spoken, dances happened, and songs were sung, but in so many ways it’s a blur. A blur of absolute happiness, excitement, and wonder of what was taking place.

You, One Year Ago, you changed everything about what I knew. You were the day that I made a lifetime commitment, left what I had known for the first 23 years of my life, and vowed to love and serve for the rest of my days. The changes you made to my life have been wonderful, One Year Ago. I have loved every day that has come my way since you passed.

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  1. We haven’t met, but I know that The Husband is the happiest when he thinks and talks about you, when he eats the food you prepare, reads your notes and sees your face on his phone. That makes me happy too. Happy Anniversary.

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