special things

Sometimes there are seemingly ordinary parts of the day that you realize you want to somehow remember forever because are they really ordinary? Or are they the special things that make up the wonderful life you’ve been given?

Today I walked into the local fire station to vote. It was so eerily similar to the very place I’ve been voting for the last couple of years that I wondered if there is a certain protocol all small towns must follow for polling places. A group of older women volunteering their day to direct individuals on how to vote simply watched as I slowly walked in. I gave my name and asked if I could vote. “Tabolt! Oh yes, you’re the one expecting your baby anytime now, aren’t you?” They knew who I was? Apparently. Just like the old small town I grew up in. I voted. And then thanked the Lord that my hope is not in a country but Him.

I folded tiny baby clothes that are everything cute and unwrapped a pink and blue hat. Which one will be worn home from the hospital? And then I had an in-excitement-freak-out because these clothes and these hats are for my baby! I am loving this knowledge.

I took a longer walk than normal enjoying the sun and fresh air. It was a beautiful day.

The Husband loves me so. That is something I never want to think ordinary. He came home from work tonight to a wife dressed in a sweatshirt and sweats slowly moving about the kitchen preparing dinner and he decided to make tonight special. This is what it ended up looking like:

We are going to fully enjoy these last few weeks of just us.

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