quiet life

There’s a little bundle asleep on my chest. I should really take this opportunity to lay him back on the bed and shower for the day but I can’t quite bring myself to part with him.

Our little boy has my mouth which means it’s wide open and produces sounds at various times while sleeping. Thankfully his father finds this amusing and cute and not annoying that there are now two of us for him to put up with at night.Yes, it’s the three of us together in our bed for now. We love co-sleeping. And no, I don’t know when we might put an end to this. We’re simply taking one day [and night] at a time.

Adrian woke twice last night. This is a radical difference from our usual 5 times to eat throughout the night. I feel utterly refreshed.

Our days are quiet and quite relaxed. Yesterday I accomplished picking up the downstairs, getting three loads of laundry through the washer & dryer, and some ironing. Other than that there’s a whole lot of nursing and holding this little man who loves to eat on an hourly basis and isn’t a fan of sleeping on his own. He’ll grow up so quickly — I don’t mind some extra cuddle time right now.

This family of three went to the mall last night to finish up some Christmas shopping. A stroller was brought but was used more to hold bags and coats than our boy. Making returns, purchasing new items, and scouring racks is a bit more complicated when there’s a baby in your arms, but I’m quickly learning the art of living life with one hand.

Most of our time is spent in our family room which is lit by our tree. I love it.

I am so blessed. So incredibly blessed.

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