2 months

Hi Baby Boy. Happy 2 months of being in this world!

I’m rocking you in my arms right now as you drift off to Dreamland. Perhaps you’ll stay asleep as I lay you down when I’m done with this. If not, that’s okay. I’m rather fond of rocking you.

Last night I told your daddy that I felt guilty for bringing you into such a dark, broken world. The want for you to never experience sorrow or hardship is strong but unrealistic as I see the consequences of sin all around.

This morning I think of the inspiring words Jesus said — “…and they will do even greater things than these.” You will face difficulties, but I’m praying for you, Baby Boy, that in the midst of darkness you would do great things, bringing glory to the Son.

One thought on “2 months

  1. He is beautiful! He has a soul that Jesus will bring into eternity! He will be able to KNOW the greatest love humanity has ever known in Jesus. God has great and wonderful plans for that little man – and that is all wonderful news! Pray and know that even in the darkness God will be glorified – amen!!

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