Saturday Morning Chat

It was raining only moments ago. And suddenly it stopped and now there are bits of blue in the sky. This, my friends, makes me think that Spring really is here.

Yesterday The Husband and I ran a mile block here in town together. I can’t ever decide if such things are good for maintaining a healthy marriage or simply reveal weaknesses you would otherwise not know about (and it’s so much nicer not to know about more issues you may have).

I am prideful. I don’t like to do anything unless I know I’m going to be good and dazzle the world with my wonder. I also do NOT like doing anything next to someone who is far better than me.

Stuck in an airport for hours on our way to a tropical paradise of a honeymoon (that in reality was far too cold, windy, and overcast and days of The Husband being sick) The Husband suggested he teach me a card game that he had been playing for years. Game after game he whooped my tush. And game after game my competitive self simmered more and more, thoroughly frustrated by his advantage and thoroughly frustrated that I couldn’t reign in my pride. What a way to start our honeymoon.

We’ve haven’t played that game since.

But we ran together yesterday. His legs are much longer than mine and for each one of his strides I must take two. And he’s able to talk more than I can since I tend to do more huffing and puffing. And he probably doesn’t really need to stop after one 10 minute mile like I do. But he does and he doesn’t say anything because he’s the sweetest and kindest to me. He really is too good to me.

And this time I didn’t grow frustrated by his advantage. I’ve come a long way, haven’t I?

And you want to know about my little Sunshine? He’s still that — all Sunshine. He really doesn’t cry much and when he does I want to cry with him which means I pretty much do anything to keep him happy. That in turn means we have absolutely no set schedule and if he needs to nurse (with many light snoozes here and there) for an hour and a half before I can lay him down for the night then that’s what we do. I get a lot more reading in these days than I have in years. Good book suggestions, anyone?

But that’s that. Sunshine is up awake. Time to bathe him, get ready myself, and head out for a bridal shower in a few hours!

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  1. Oh boy…you too, huh! We are so blessed to have husbands who cherish us, even those crazy competitive sides of us 🙂

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