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Ah! The afternoon.

Laundry is rolling, soup is simmering away on the stove, two little boys sleep upstairs, and I’m sitting down to pause for the first time since this day started rolling and I think, “Ah! We made it!” (Made it = mama had a great attitude all morning long because maybe all that praying and scripture reciting and begging for Holy Spirit fruit is paying off???) Anyone else know that feeling?

I’m making black bean soup for tonight. And just a few days ago I made rice and lentil casserole. My kids are going to grow up thinking that such food is totally normal. And my poor husband probably dreams about the life he used to lead which included steak and chicken and roasts and everything meat. He talks often of the day we’ll have an extra freezer and can split a cow with his parents. I should probably buy more meat for my family.

And these two:


They don’t actually sleep in this bed together. Yet. I kind of can’t wait till they do. I mean, I can because I can only imagine the difficulty we’ll have in teaching them that they do need to actually sleep even when in the same room or bed, but some of my best childhood memories are from sharing a room and bed with siblings. We didn’t always sleep that much either. Last night I randomly remembered a phase my older brother, younger sister, and I went through when Older Brother would set his alarm for 5am and we would wake up extra early just so we could play “Snakes”. Our snakes were friendship bracelets we would drag along the floor.

We were totally normal. Not weird at all.

BUT I LOVED IT. And I watch how much fun my boys already have together and I get all sorts of happy inside that they’re already becoming friends. God, keep them friends. Best friends. Always.

Off to fold laundry! Happy Wednesday!

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