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Oh dear. So much for my fresh desire to write more. It’s been a month since I pushed publish. (And if this is my form of baby books, a family scrapbook, and photo album of sorts — well, I need to start doing a better job at being consistent!)

And what a month it’s been! A gift of warm days where we explored this still-new-to-us property for hours on end, a snowstorm giving us one more opportunity for sledding, making snow angels, and consuming as much snow as our insides would allow (for the boys — I’ve gotten over my love of eating snow), The Husband not only working his normal day job but doing work for my sister and brother-in-law’s kitchen renovation, first visit to the dentist for Adrian (wow, I was unsure of how that was going to go, but he did so well!), regular church/CFA activities, and of course, celebrating March birthdays!

I turned 30(!) a few weeks ago.


I wonder when I’ll stop perpetually feeling 26. I currently have 5 colors of paint on my living room walls — none of which I like — and that doesn’t feel very grown up or adult-ish. I’ve got some work to do to feel 30, I suppose. But anyway. I was totally spoiled and blessed. A sweet friend came and played with all 3 kiddos while The Husband took me out for dinner, and I returned to a clean home, happy boys playing Chase, and birthday cards she helped the boys make. (And Josephine survived an hour without me.)

And then 5 days later our Josephine Bliss turned 1!


What an absolute joy she is! What a happy, sweet baby! As her one year gift, her body is cutting some molars. My baby, who doesn’t generally sleep well with me, spent all last night cuddled beside me. She was restless, would cry out for her mama to comfort her every now and then, and each time I woke, I’d have a tingly arm from her head pinning it down or a crick in my neck from being in such odd angles — and honestly, I didn’t mind. These days go by so quickly. So I had an uncomfortable night, I’m not feeling particularly rested this morning — but I was able to bring comfort to my baby during the night. I’m so thankful God’s allowed me to be her mama.

And here we are — the week of Easter. A few weeks ago I had all these grand ideas for how to make these days leading up to the biggest celebration of the year something special for the little ones I’m responsible for — activities each day, stories that would help them learn and help my heart focus.

It’s not exactly working out like that. We’ve not done any crafts or dyeing of eggs, but I did manage to take some Easter books out from the library, and when Monday morning came and I asked what makes Easter so special, my Adrian boy piped up, “Oh, I know! It’s because that’s when Jesus died on the cross — BUT HE DIDN’T STAY DEAD!” and I knew all was going to be alright. This may not be the year I do lots of extras, but they’re understanding the heart of this week, and that’s the important part.

As the saying goes, keep the main thing the main thing. That’s where we’re at these days. And it’s a good place to be.

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