deja vu

i know, i’ve already done this. but i want to make sure it’s clear.

this is not me:

here’s an idea of what i look like. this is me:

and this is me:

and this:

and one more:

but i promise you, the girl on the top is not me.

15 thoughts on “deja vu

  1. What better word for you than “fun”? You are totally fun!


    I signed because it has Camilla’s name and I rarely am successful at changing it. I try though!

  2. yup they sure did. of course Im not sure how they could confuse that second rate model with our loverly louissa. Rockin the 10 gallon, sweet.

  3. Hey… I don’t have your email, so I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you… I heard that you were the Queen-of-Housing for the wedding and so I thought I’d let you know that I’m coming with my (and Brietta’s) dear friend Michelle who will be my date for the weekend since Joe will be in court in Florida. We shall have 2 (yes, 2) babies with us. (One of mine and one of hers) We realize we’re a tall order for the whole housing deal, so let me know what you’re thinking. (Whenever is fine as long as I have time to buy a tent… j/k)

  4. Yeah i don’t think to many people got confused with you and that picture at the top:)
    I like the dress tho. And the shoes(all tho you don’t see them that well in the direction it is showing).

  5. man that dress in the top picture is almost exactly like the dress i’m wearing for my sister renee’s wedding(expect it’s pink and got bows). for curious girl the dressi’m getting is from david’s bridal(yup, i’m a bridesmaid)

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