little things

we spent many hours on the metro in madrid. we usually talked of nothing, but there was one time where I brought up the “5 Love Languages.” some were able to figure out their “love languge” while others, like me, said that they were all 5. it was then brought to my attention that i love to buy gifts for others, but it kills me to spend alot of money on me. gifts…

i’m not saying that that is my “love language,” but i do know that when my dad handed me a card and a gift that had been sent to me while i was away, i teared up. i was so blessed that a couple who lives nine hours away and really doesn’t see me all that much would remember my needs and be praying for me – and then send something to help out.

they came for my sister’s wedding and upon leaving my house sunday afternoon with their two very cute boys, i commented to my sister, “they are two people who i always like being around. they have always been so nice to me.” and it’s true. even way back in ’99, when i was very annoying, and teased them unmercifully (it was so obvious that they liked each other), they were extremely nice to me. i used to write her letters all the time. i’m still not sure why she took the time to respond to my letters. but she always did and it meant the world to this young girl. he sent me a note once with a little bead (i think i still have it somewhere). how special i felt upon receiving that card.

they say it’s the little things in life… i feel like they have made up so many of those little things in my life. i feel like i’ll never be able to give back to them half of what they’ve given to me.

i am overwhelmed by God’s goodness to me.

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