more and more.

posting pictures is easier then actually writing sometimes. it’s the, “i know i should post something, but i’m too tired to actually write. here, i’ll post some pictures. people like that.” so here are some of my pictures from spain. they are scanned. i didn’t bring my father’s digital to spain with me. : )

the girls on the team.

julia and me ready for our night out on the town.

the three sinclair girls on the team.

in the middle of “the exchange.” unfortunately, you can’t really see the facial expressions – and they are the best part of this photo… missions night.

my favorite little boy, israel.

the three sinclair girls at the castle.

the start of our “soap-box” evangelism in downtown madrid.

mamma and me.

leslie – one of the bestest people ever.

“the exchange” in a park in madrid.

5 thoughts on “more and more.

  1. K, so i should have been a little clearer on my question. I am truly honored you would take time to actually respond to my question. The photo i was refering to, it looked as though you (i think it is you) are holding a handgun of sometype (it could possibly be a 9mm handgun) yeah. I was just wondering what insipired this gangster behavior at such an early age. It has progressed to now your touring the world rapping. It is quite amazing. Must be where you came up, in the “pj”‘s (projects, as your sis tells me its said) yes, that must be it. 🙂 I guess i will have to come and visit to see the conditions inwhich cause this urban lifestyle…lol. jk….Sorry bout the 9mm confusion! I hope you are doing SUPER WELL.
    your friend nathan

  2. I love the pics! To bad you didn’t bring a digital though.
    But hey, at least we have something to look at. Right : )

  3. Louissa-

    You are, woithout a doubt a very beautiful young woman. Keep shining with the love of Jesus! You are just beatiful! I love all of you Sincalirs. You are a wonderful family!!!

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