break it down.

we’re going to our aunt’s tomorrow. my sister will be playing at some spots in nyc and it will be a fun trip. we will get home and immediately three of us will leave for our youth camping trip where i will be leading worship. i’m not at all prepared for that.

there’s this kid who moved in with us just a few days ago and he’s already been exposed to living in a house full of girls. well, at least, living in a house with me. who else stands in a kitchen crying with her parents while she tells them of her sad and sorry excuse of a life? no, i was just feeling overwhelmed by different things, am tired and get just a tad bit emotional when i’m exhausted. they left telling me they loved me and to delegate (we can’t do everything on our own!).

i walked over to my sister’s feeling a little bit better, and was much better an hour later as i walked out of her apartment. there is nothing like stirring sauce and talking to a sister about everything but yourself to cheer you up.

so i’m all good. see, the good thing about me, is that i’m phlegmatic enough that if i’m overwhelmed at all i get over it quickly and an hour later i’m fine and everything is back in control.

there are just a few things i’m still bummed about.

1. i had really wanted to somehow make it down to my sister’s this week, help her pack, and surprise my other sister for her birthday. but my plan involved my now married sister up and leaving, missing the trip to my aunts, and shirking all my responsibilities for this weekend. but it would have been fun.

2. i am now really looking for a piano. and when i find one, all the money that i have been faithfully putting in my savings account for the past few years will be completely gone and i’ll be back at square one. there is nothing more depressing then not having money.

3. as i walked home tonight i realized that the last time i went to visit my aunt, i shared a room with danica. and now she’s not coming. that’s a major bummer.

i’m in the mood for a bit of a movie. “could you get me one of those eiffel tower paperweight’s?”

and then i’m off to long island.

8 thoughts on “break it down.

  1. It will be a good trip to see your aunt – it will also be different without Danica. Things do change so…

    I am sorry not to get down to Pittsburgh in time to help pack. Let’s just pray for enough help from friends (which I suspect there will be plenty of!) and also pray that Carina has a fabulous, love-her-up birthday. Once again, sad to not be there. More of those changes stuff…

    Love you, lady. You are a sweetheart, for sure.

  2. I know what you mean about getting back to square one with money- that’s how I feel about going to language school but what encourages me is what an investment it will be. Your piano- you’ll have that forever! And it will be so speical because it will be absolutely yours! I also know what you mean about being overwhelmed that’s me a lot lately too. Have a great time in Long Island! ( -:

  3. I would have loved seeing you… but I’m glad you’re going to aunt Judy’s. She’ll be so glad to have you there, as will the rest of the family.

  4. yeah i think i saw those earrings, thats a bummer. hope everything works out and hopefully youll be able to visit sometime in the near future. : )

  5. life can be on the side of stinky but a little bit of Sabrina always does the trick :). Us Pittsburgh kids are gunna take care of your sis, bro in law, and their beautiful kids who you will be able to spend countless hours with very shortly. Also wer are gunna make sure Carina has a wonderful birthday too. Not sure if thats any consolation to you. I know they would love to have you down here but they will just have to deal with us locals :).

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