would you?

i’ve always been a early afternoon/evening walker. i would never be a early morning walker, and who in their right mind walks mid-morning? well, that’s how i used to think. by 11:00 this morning, i was already in need of my walk. it was perfect. everyone was at work and all the kids were at school. perfect for me to sit at my favorite tree in the old cemetery and talk to God.

see, today has been challenging. it’s like the Lord decided that today would be a good day for me to learn a few things. He challenged my trust in Him mostly. i think i was just as curious as Him to see how i’d fare through it all. it’s this darn piano’s fault. it’s got my world upside down and i just want to right it. it has me thinking of money (or my lack of it), being in debt, and what i might choose to do in the future (what i choose decides if i purchase a piano or not). so i thought i had figured it out.

and then i went to missions night. and the Lord said, “what if?” and i said, “no.” and He said, “would you?” and i said, “maybe. but i’d rather not.” and He said, “do you trust Me?” and i said, “yes.” and He said, “okay. we’ll see what happens.” and i didn’t like that at all.

i just want to know what to do.

tonight was not the night to make fun of louissa. neither was sunday. i’m too tired to laugh along while people make me look stupid. just wait until i’m not exhausted.

on a lighter note. my family has finally found a sport they can play (a sport that they can play, but i can’t. oh well. someday.). it’s tennis. the US Open is going on. the tv has been on all afternoon and evening whenever someone has been home for the past few days. it’s rather fun. we play tennis, we understand tennis, and we enjoy watching tennis.

my sister and brother just walked in the door. i love them so much.

“tina, ya fat lard! come here!”

One thought on “would you?

  1. wow, you’re so cool. and that’s tough. remember that God won’t test you any more than you can handle. whatever comes your way, you can do it in the strength of the Lord. (Psalm 71:16) As far as tennis goes, I love watching with you! I never thought that you and I would be so into watching a sport the way we do! (go Ginepri!)

    “what’s a liger?”, “it’s pretty much like my favorite animal, it’s a cross between a lion and a tiger”

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