about my previous entry… i’m sorry if it came across as me having a bit of a pitty party. i did not mean for that at all. i will try to be clearer from now on.

oh, and you have to look at these two photos. the sinclair family back in the day.

my sister might see randy, paula, and simon this tuesday. how crazy is that?

8 thoughts on “nonsense

  1. Cool photos…particularly the 1st…I SO remember those days! How wild is that??? And SO SO cool and crazy…which sister???

  2. Your family pictures always look beautiful–like something from Norman Rockwell (well, updated a little bit) … and it’s overwhelmingly exciting to think that we *could* be watching her on TV one of these days!

  3. dang it wease…. we gotta stinking do something sometime soon. every day i drive by your house and think to myself… it’s been soooo stinking long since i’ve seen you. i feel like just stopping in for coffee some mornings… (would that be ok?) sometime before say um… lol, valentines day, we gotta hang out. seriously… we’re really pathetic… I MISS YOU (and your family too) !!!!

  4. Well about seeing them, i would have to say that is crazy.
    It would be even more weird if it was you:)
    But those pics are really fun. But you guys don’t do it any more,
    so i would say that you guys don’t do a lot of stuff you did
    back then. But hey, maybe you will do it again. That would be fun!

  5. Ya,
    I told her to cal if she makes it or if she doesnt!
    Did you guys hear from her yet? Well todays friday so she should be auditioning now……
    Any word on how she was when they left? i heard she had a cold…….

  6. Hey there,
    I emailed you with the #’s, ya I’m goin out tonight so I put a second number down, but as I said in the email, no obligation to call at all…….. =) so glad shes doing this!

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