from yesterday

i like these people. i like them alot.

and it’s stupid because the picture is just barely too big. i have two options. i could use the “small” version from flickr, but it’s too small. or i could personally make it just a little bit smaller. but i’m not going to do that. it’s too much work at this time of night.

and that’s pretty stupid.

16 thoughts on “from yesterday

  1. so you guys had fun, but you don’t know who won?
    yeah, really fun. who did you go with?
    as in your team, yeah cause you didn’t know that.

  2. Wow. I can’t believe how many people that I miss you managed to fit in one picture. I’m sure you had a lot of fun, even though the people weren’t up for a happy reason.

  3. thanks. i love you too.

    and don’t think i didn’t want to be with everyone on sunday, it just didn’t seem to be working out-living half an hour away being one of the reasons. i’m glad you had fun, though.

  4. yes. my brilliant brother-in-law pasted himself into the picture. he joined the group after the picture was taken… i’m sure he was feeling a little left out. : )

  5. oh. I miss you all already.

    You’re right, Abby, so many people we love in one photo — so fun. Wish you guys had been there. It was quite a shock to not see the Browns in the front row. I had to check myself the whole service — at one point thinking I saw your dad. Saddness. We miss you.

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