fall dessert. aunt.

we had apple crisp tonight. it had the correct amount of apples and we had the vanilla ice cream to go with it. my apologies to family and friends who had to eat my apple crisp this past wednesday that according to some, didn’t have enough apples, and we didn’t have any ice cream to go with it.

next time…

i stood in the kitchen, pretending to play keyboard on the back of one of the chairs and singing a worship song. he sat in another chair playing his drums and letting me know when he was playing his kick-drum, ride cymbal, or high-hat. she comes and sits on my lap when she wants to look at books. the other day he came to me and said, “aunt louissa, hold me.” he loves me. she loves me. and there is no way that they’ll ever fall out of that. : )

7 thoughts on “fall dessert. aunt.

  1. I just like food in general. I wouldn’t notice if there wasn’t enough apples, or there were too many. I just appreciate the fact that it is food and I can eat it. That’s all good.

  2. yeah, that seems to be her habit. . from what claire told me. i think she sounds fun. i’m afraid my class is probably rather boring.

    could you possible bring about a boy next time i see you? no real hurry, i just feel like watching it. : )

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