oh dear.

so i found out today that, using Internet Explorer, my website is really messed up looking. and unfortunately, i’m not enough of a computer person to know how to fix such a problem. it makes it all very awkward for now.

just stop using IE. that’s my solution. : )

15 thoughts on “oh dear.

  1. ha ha excellent solution i’d say. i’m going to the basic reatreat i’m excited. i know you are most likely not going but i still wanted to let you know because i think it’s exciting. how are you doing?

  2. Thank’s for fixing your site….. after I downloaded FireFox and completely switched over to the new browser……. ; ) Looks good though………

  3. I think the butterflies are fabulous. 🙂 It looks like Natalie can make it thursday night as well, but I’ll talk to you more about it tomorrow. I’m so excited!

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