each snowflake is different

it’s snowing outside. big fluffy snowflakes — my favorite kind.

it doesn’t seem that cold outside. it’s actually pretty (yes, i just said it) and as i walked out to the car tonight i felt like it was a bit from a movie. you know, one of those great ones.

obviously, i have a one-track mind. : )

4 thoughts on “each snowflake is different

  1. I agree. There’s just somthing about walking outside into the crisp winter air, surrounded by snowflakes.
    Want to hear something crazy? I felt like getting on a bike tonight after you left… Shuster called me up at 12:45 and said, “Hey! It’s snowing! Wanna go for a bike ride?” So I did. There’s got to be somthing wrong with me……. It’s now 3:00am….24 hours straight in 2 hours!
    Oh, by the way, thank’s for all the candy stuffed in my coat pocket…. : )

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