so i like to do things a little backwards. we played two rounds — the first with blue cards (easy) and the second with red (hard).

i got my team 1 point with the blue cards and then 10 with the red.

if only i had gotten “bat!”

: )

11 thoughts on “guesstures.

  1. Not bad. It just means you do a better with a little challenge… ; )
    Oh, and yes your dear North Country is white. We got about 4 inches of snow Thursday night. I like it, but I don’t think everyone else shares my opinion : )

  2. that was so much fun!
    i can’t beleive we lost: (
    maybe we will win next time: )
    it was so funny when you didn’t get “chest”!!!!hahahaha……
    funny, funny, funny….whatever….

  3. Louissa…could you do me a favor? I sent an email to Daniel and I need a response sometime this week. I figured you’d be the most likely to check your blog so I thought it would be likely to get a message to him through you. Thanks!

  4. Tuesday the 6th…I am down! I would really enjoy that, as long as it is not too much of a family thing for me to show up. Thanks for thinking of me!!

    I want you all to know that I’ve been doing ok without all the desert treats from the Sinclair home so far. Of course, Carina gave me some of those chocolate, cream cheese cupcakes…WOW! They may actually be better than the apple crisp! Plus I had many different deserts for thanksgiving, so I am suriving.

    I hope everyone is having a great time. Tell them all I said hi. It felt like it was like 60 degrees here today…and it is supposed to upper 50s tomorrow. So, you aren’t missing any snow right now. Could you also remind your Dad to say hi to the Dufores (Kim and Donna) for me and my family…thanks.

    This is really more like an email than a comment…oh well. Louissa, thanks for helping with my email for Daniel. And tell Danica that I heard from Ryan today and he sounds ok. I am going to go over and check on him tomorrow. I think he is a little lost without her (that’s not a bad thing!). Talk to you later.

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