a fault and a favorite

i’m constantly complaing,being quite negative with my joking, and am always too outspoken concerning my opinions. and for some reason i think i can get away with it. it’s rather funny because i’ve been thinking about this recently and then when my sister and i arrived home late last night, we talked about it for a bit.

sinclair’s and their opinions. everyone has always joked around about how opinionated we are, but i never thought that it could be a bad thing. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it’s not my fault if i’m the only one ever voicing what i think concerning different issues. and sure, we all know what we like and dislike, but it doesn’t always mean that we just blurt them out with whoever and whenever.

i’ve gotten a bit careless with my words. i’ve never been good about thinking before i speak — in fact i almost always think after i speak and then almost always regret something i’ve said — but i’ve decided that i must start the thinking before the speaking.

so do me a favor. if i’m ever complaining, being negative, being to obnoxious with my opinions, just tell me to stop. remind me that i don’t want to be like this.

“this too i shall conquer.”

tomorrow night my favorite hallmark movie is on. fun.

8 thoughts on “a fault and a favorite

  1. A Boyfriend For Christmas.

    I know, it sounds lame, but it really is very cute and fun. I do like Hallmark’s Christmas movies, but I can’t say that I give them credit for coming up with great titles. : )

  2. being slightly over opinionated is a fault of mine too. I’d keep you in check if I was around, but I suppose that duty shall be handed to someone else who sees who often enough. 🙂

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  4. Hey how are you? Yes, I would LOVE to have your Dad’s photos for the slideshow. Do you mind getting them together, or would you like Ryan or I to contact him? I don’t know what is easier for you, but we can get them on CD, emailed or you can upload to your flikr and we can get them from there. Just let us know. Thanks a bunch!


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