the party at the sinclair’s is winding down. this one lasted longer then normal. two of the cars were shoveled out this afternoon and one still sits across the street. coats, shoes, phones, and bags are all lying around, forgotten by the owners. the family room is now missing the “young men” who were here just a bit ago.

a talk with my brother-in-law last night and an email from my sister today has me feeling good. i like my family… alot. and i don’t just think they’re the best — i know they’re the best. don’t you?

julia is in the kitchen washing the griddle that i got out to make grilled cheese sandwiches for the hungry people and she has borrowed music playing. jamie is quickly trying to figure out what his evening plans are and i’m glad that i’ve already decided and don’t have to think about it. i’ll be going with my family to the Moira Christmas Dinner. i’ll then be coming home and staying here. if you want to see me, i’ll be here, but i’m not going anywhere afterwards.

6 thoughts on “life

  1. i’m so glad to be at home right now and not having to go anywhere. mom and dad were here all day too.

    and so were two of my cousins and their three little kids. i got to play dressup. what an awesome snow day. =p

    ohmygoodnessgracious- guess what?
    my family is coming to church this sunday. maybe even lee. =D

  2. Thats very busy….Haha i’ve never had a “christmas” party before.. just regular ordenary days….Yes, Your family is wonderful!..like relly really wonderful!..Your very lucky to have a familylike yours..well well.. i will see you tommarow =) Love you

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