facts of life

teaching really is quite fun.

i found myself sitting down with a very sanguine student this afternoon and he caught on faster then he had a right to. and then another little girl noticed the mole on the side of my face (what?! you’ve never noticed it? here’s a picture to show you)… where was i? oh yeah, she noticed the mole last week and giggling said, “you’ve got hair growing out of the side of your face!” and all i could think to say was, “yup. but anyways… what note is this?”

what else was i supposed to say? she was right. i not only have hair all over my face, but alot that came with the mole as well. it’s just a fact of life.

what is wrong with me? why am i telling you this?!

i just don’t think that it’s normal for someone to volunteer information like this.

11 thoughts on “facts of life

  1. Hey, we all have our little imperfections; I for instance have one ear that is lower than the other (makes it quite hard to align what little I have for side burns) and one eye that doesn’t open quite as far as the other. Yup. It’s just a fact of life… : )

  2. my ears are not aligned correctly either. i think it’s why my glasses and sunglasses are always somewhat crooked…

    that’s awesome about merrick though. i wish i had learned when i was younger…

    i was accepted (yay!) at Daniel Webster (the oh-so-well-known school of aviation!) :p and I did apply to Elmira as well. 🙂

    and we watched the movie we made in english and by the end i felt very sick to my stomach- it was so embarrasing! and then i tried out for the musical right after. oh fun. (i read out of my calculus book- isn’t that awesome? hehe)

  3. I have the second toe on my left foot is longer than my big toe. But on my right foot the second toe is shorter than my big toe!!!

  4. Lol I have a mole on my face too Louissa. It grows these thick hairs that can only be pulled with tweezers, I ALWAYS FORGET TO!!! Grrr. Plus my ear lobes are fuzzy (thanks dad).

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