out of surgery, in recovery, and found out that she did tear her achilles again.

back at square one… if not a bit worse. this tear was more messy than the last.

there we go!

10 thoughts on “update

  1. ahhhhhhhhhh! That…. is so yicky.
    I miss you all so much, hope to be up next week, I’m planning on going, so hopefully I will see you! Tell the family I say hey!

  2. Let ya another comment! But I am going to update it too and so it will be in the same one you wrote back in for now!

  3. if only you used IM more often like I’ve been trying to get you to do all these years… but no… i’ll have to call you tomorrow afternoon instead so we can work out the details…

    we’ll prob take arround an hour… and for sound.. it’ll just be the piano and probably a laptop with the song playing in the background on it…

    call you I will

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