my thumb hurts from bowling last night. although i don’t really know why i’m surprised. i already knew that doing any “sport” type thing can be very harmful to your body.

spent a lovely afternoon at my house. of course there were a billion other people at my house as well. we ate our hamburgers and watched the volleyball game and took a walk and finished the evening watching a movie with two sisters. yes, lovely, lovely.

that’s all.

oh, and i was going to start my morning runs tomorrow. i’m exhausted. catching just a few more winks of sleep sounds wonderful. but i’m sure to feel the effects of my laziness this friday if i don’t start at some point. someone, i need a wake-up call at 7:00 am. just kidding. if my daddy, who didn’t feel well at all today, decides to sleep in tomorrow, i would hate to have your phone call wake him up.

i’ll just be lazy.

10 thoughts on “thumbs-bbq’s-movies

  1. you definitely should feel special… i have trouble remembering my own. 😉

    will you be available june 16? (it’s a friday if that helps)

  2. goodnessgracious! i’m trying to plan a grad party for moi. so you could come during the day… hm… what about the day after? :p

  3. i also meant to ask what time your graduation is. i want to go! :p (and maybe pick up some ideas for my own speech… haha) so maybe i’ll go if i change my party date… we’ll see.

    did you see me in the ogdensburg paper yesterday?? it was pretty neat. 🙂

  4. Thanks for your help last night… It made my evening a whole lot different than it would have been had I been on my own. 🙂

    You’re the best!

  5. that would be so mean!! lol you know that everyone would go to yours over going to mine. :p

    what kind of party are you going to have? (small/big, lots of family, place, etc…)

  6. You know, I did I good job at talking long walks/runs last week and have good intentions to do it again this week – so you could do that with me! I find that I have a lot more energy during the evenings. Not too many of us Sinclair’s are morning people. (much to Mom’s dismay)

  7. we should do a party together on that saturday. 🙂

    mom said we could have it here… or we could do it at a park… or a beach? brr… hm… :p that would be fun. maybe i’ll call you in a bit.

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