the sun is setting, leaving the sky pink as it goes. i’ve always liked the color pink (even before it was trendy to like) and have liked pink skies for as long as i can remember. they always make me think of the old sailor line,

red skies at night
sailors delight.

if i was filled with energy i would walk down the road to see the sky, but as it is, i have a little boy to put to bed, and when the two girls come home, make sure that they’re all ready for tomorrow. my favorite place would be lovely right now… some other night. it’s only 8:15 and yet i feel like i could fall asleep already.

good night all.

5 thoughts on “night

  1. Good night, my sweet! It’s 7:40 here, so bedtime is approaching quickly there. Thanks for helping the little man!

  2. My friend Alex just said, “I know that line…. It’s cause I’m a Pirate”
    He seems rather proud of being a Pirate too.
    Yeah, it’s crazy how the sky can look so different at different times…. Iv’e never really been into the pink sky look, but the purple/greenish one that shows up once in a while is pretty cool. I wonder how those happen.


  3. yeah, the sky. I always wish I could fly. I used to have dreams about meeting Jesus on a cloud. ( NOTHING RELATED TO END TIME BELIEFS. )
    But yeah, the sky for me was a way to day dream escaping from this world and being with my Savior.

    Sorry, those are some really weirdly intense thoughts.


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