5 thoughts on “all about me

  1. Hey,

    i can honestly see you doing either/both of those htings.maybe a double major at some point even? don’t know how hard that is with music but yeaaah..

    ah well goodluck with your year, i hope you’re able to find a good job and all that:)

    yeeaaah i will talk to you later:)


  2. wow! today visits to my site shot to a record high.
    i wonder why.

    hey, i’m a poet and i don’t even know it!
    hey, i’m a …. oh wait…

  3. *I will always remeber helping install that dishwatsher. I didn’t do all that much but, the smell was intense. I have never worked much with dishwashers so I was just happy other people were plugging it in and I was just there for labor. I hope after the first glitch (:/)) it has performed for you properly.


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