guitars and smiles

my sister will be playing her guitar tomorrow night. you know, the sister that had an article about herself in the Watertown Daily Times last week. the one who writes amazing music and tends to “wow” everyone around her. the one who will be going to an international guitar competition at the end of this month in Malibu, California. yeah, that one. and i guess she’s prepping for that big competition.

anyways. tomorrow night. 7:30. presbyterian church (Sinclair wedding church) in potsdam. be there to hear some amazing music (will be classical).

oh, i just had to post these. my family is amazing at doing Hankies faces.

15 thoughts on “guitars and smiles

  1. well, one thing to say:

    1. my (all) siblings are weird.

    ^thats all i have to say about those whatever they are.

  2. Hey,
    Thought I’d let you know, my top pick was Mandisa, but nooo because she can’t sing one style, country, she gets booted. It had to do with her weight too, but I love her for saying that she doesn’t want to lose the weight just for America. Ok, it was Chris and Katherine as my top two, but now its basically Katherine, and I wouldnt mind if Elliot won, just so long as TAYLOR does not. Its not his looks its him…..
    Haha, Carina still out-sings them aallllll…….=)

  3. Yeah, I think I will try to make it.
    I wonder what a “Hankies” face is.
    Camilla’s comment is awsome… it made me laugh.

    : |


  4. those pictures make laugh.

    and louissa, you better watch out- i think carina’s trying to steal your talent of “showing the most gum possible”. 😉

    are you busy saturday night after 8:00?

  5. ha ha ha ha ha.
    they just don’t get it do they?
    one day.
    they will all be Hanktified.
    and then my friend, they will appreciate.

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