parts of it all

…i smelled the greeness of everything as i drove through town today. well, it was more outside of town that i smelled that particular smell. the rest of the time i smelled french-fries, exhuast, and just town. it was lovely.

…did you notice our first summer storm? i love the thunder, the dark clouds, and the pouring rain. that is, i love it when i can remain indoors and don’t go out at all. oh, and after i’ve enjoyed a bit of the outdoors.

…i had to delete 243 spam comments today. 243. yeah, i know. crazy.

…i came home today to find a friend at my house. we sat on the porch for a bit talking. ’twas fun. if you want to be friends, drop by at some point and sit on the porch with me. i’ll love that more than anything. oh, you can also buy me anything from this vera bradley line. i will definitely love you then.

…clothing has been ironed for tomorrow. the last load of laundry has been put in the wash. the kitchen has been cleaned. CSI has been turned on and i’m thinking some ice cream would end my evening quite nicely.

8 thoughts on “parts of it all

  1. Wow, I thought I had it bad. I only got thirty or so a day. You know what I found out though? If you click on them, and follow them they usually have a link where you can make them stop sending Spam, if they don’t it’s illegal and if you have the time you can report them. I started doing that when I was getting over 30 per day and now I only get about one per week. But with that many, I guess that would be alot of sorting through anoying links.

    I hope the Ice Cream tasted good’


  2. Have I told you yet that you brought tears to my eyes? I loved seeing you up there singing, but not as a senior. How did that happen? Where did the years go to? Still, my heart was full, my eyes were, too, and I was beaming all over…

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