trying to change my thoughts


my server being down and just being able to get to my site after a few hours.
putting on my sweet jeans last night and then having to change.
taking the time to actually put make-up on tonight, only to realize that i’ll not be going out.
once again realizing that i don’t want anything to do with muslims. i’d rather be a singer. but that would mean i’d need a voice really really good.
this cold and dreary weather.
being so tired and emotionally worn that all of the above annoys me.


having salmon for dinner that distracted my mind from the server issues.
wearing my new sweet jeans today.
finally looking decent after a day of no make-up… even if it is just to sit in my family room for the next few hours.
knowing that the Lord will work everything out — muslims and that super voice i need.
the hot humid days we had at the beginning of this week (loved it).
knowing i have a wonderful bed to welcome me whenever i need it.

3 thoughts on “trying to change my thoughts

  1. I think you are such a wonderful girl — even when you are annoyed. (And I’m glad you found some things to be lovely. You are a true sweetie!)

  2. I had salmon for the first time the other day.
    It was wierd….. but if I didn’t look at it it was normal. I think it was that it was pink, and I had never eaten it before in my life.


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