the command has been given and i’m here to fulfill my duties.  it’s late, i’m tired, and i just graduated from high school.  i feel too young and too unprepared to be able to write such things, but it’s true.  high school is done and over for me.

i will probably write more later, but i wanted to let you know that i feel very blessed right now.  the Lord has been so good to me.

not to mention how good my family is to me.  the presents came and i feel quite spoiled.

i have a busy day tomorrow.  so i’ll be getting off to bed.

i just wanted to let you know that it happened.  Louissa Elaine Sinclair, graduate of Christian Fellowship Academy, Class of 2006.

6 thoughts on “graduation

  1. Its awesome!
    I definately think that your class has been my favorite class thus far. Other than my own of course. We are just stacked with awesome people.
    I almost … yeah almost cried lastnight. So weird. That all of you are graduated. But. New seasons are always fun.

    See you in a few.


  2. I was so sad to miss last night’s “doings,” but I’m glad we were able to share in today’s–even if we always have to leave a little sooner than I would ever like to. 🙂 It’s funny; my kids prevent me from certain types of fun and yet they’re a whole lot of new types of fun.

    Guess we don’t ever “have it all.”

    Love you.

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