working girl

sometimes i want to drop it all.  stop the blog and the stumbling over words, sell the camera (who ever thought that i could get the thing to focus anyway?), forget trying to make cards on my own, and start washing dishes.  i think i can handle that.  that at least doesn’t involve any creative talent.

not that i don’t have any talents.  that’s not what i’m saying at all.  you don’t have to leave a dozen comments letting me know what a beautiful smile i have (although i never understood that one since it’s not technically a “talent”) and what a gifted wonderful young lady i’ve grown up to be because i know that the Lord didn’t forget to give me something.

anyway.  my brother got me hooked on checking in on her every now and then and realizing every now and then that i should probably give up.  Working Girl has been in France for a month now and lives with a french family.  she takes pictures and paints pictures with her words the way that i’ve always wanted to do.

just go to her.  look a little.  read a little.  i know you’ll love her.

8 thoughts on “working girl

  1. You’re very talented!!

    Get over it!

    I wish I was autistic too. Only artistic rather. I dont have to wish to be autistic. Its a gift I have.

    I noticed by the way, that you have great communication skillz. I’m sure your family might disagree. But, I stongly noticed that you are confident on the phone. Something that always hinders me.

    Hope to see you before you leave for Spain. Its should be Spahne!


  2. What is new with Louissa? I am sorry I have not written you forever! I would have if I had a computer. We were in Buffalo this past week. I feel so out of everything that is happening here, I hate that! I will miss you Louissa when we move in August! Your one of my favorite people at CFC. Your always so warm and friendly. You seem to care about EVERYONE, even if you feel like it or not. Your great anyway.


  3. We didn’t know we were leaving either till Keith decided to take the job. We knew we would have to though for him to get a job. There is nothing around here for him as of now. I wish there was but Oh well, gotta deal. Reality stinks though. I have been realizing today that we are leaving soon. By August…ahhhh.


  4. hey louissa! thought i’d leave you with a comment–we are totally awesome because we have the same wallet and pants…oh, and I completely understand about that whole Express thing 🙂 On the whole, I think that store is very inconsistent. One day I will walk in and find lots of things I would love to wear, but a few weeks later I will walk in and find absolutely nothing.

  5. Yes, she is talented, but she lacks life focus, I think. You have that, and a heart for the Lord and excitement to see what He has planned for you. You have it so much better than her.

    We can’t all have a talent for art and words. At least we can appreciate more in others what we feel we lack. Don’t forget to use what you’re given, because someone else lacks that, and appreciates it more.

  6. Is it possible to delete that comment above? (or at least the first paragraph) I made a judgement without knowing the person I was judging. I was wrong to do that, and I’m sorry.

  7. Thank you for your kind words, Louissa. I enjoyed getting to know your brother a little during our freshman year and have honestly been touched that he keeps up with my blog, and that my pictures/words have meaning for him, you, and others.
    That’s the purpose of having it 🙂

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