i wanna know…

I wanna know your name
I wanna know everything
I wanna what ya like
I wanna know what you’re all about
I wanna know what makes you laugh

i feel the same as the dude (whoever he is…  let me say it for you, “louissa, you’re a dork”) who sang this.  and that’s why you should seriously consider keeping in touch with me as i completely drop from the internet world starting tomorrow.

i may be out of sight but hopefully not out of mind.  don’t forget me, alright?


oh, and you wanna know what’s weird?  while i’m getting ready for bed, you are all just starting prep for dinner, coming home from school, and looking at the clock to see that you only have one more hour of work.  i feel so disconnected from my world!

you’re right, i’m so dramatic.  but someday i’ll grow up…

5 thoughts on “i wanna know…

  1. hmmmmm,
    I love your posts!!
    But it seems to me that you miss home a little:)
    With all of the posts that are not exactly expected and all. . .you miss us, but we deffinetely miss you more!!

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