learning new things

having so many different people in such a small space can be lots of fun at times. the other day i taught my irish friend to say, “fo-shizzle.” he usually says, “fo-sizzle” but we’re working on it. with his accent it’s so funny.

a german girl, hannah, was giggling the other morning as she told me of her surprise at us north americans (canadians and americans) coming down to breakfast in our pajama bottoms! yes, there are a few here who do that, it’s allowed, but is so not right here in germany.

samuel, a german boy, is deteremined to better his english during his time here. he’s always asking questions and when someone suggest saying it in german and having someone translate, he refuses. he was taught american football yesterday, sat down at the dinner table and told me, “your american football hurts.” with a few other friends we got him to start saying, “awesome to the macs” (a canadian dude’s saying), “who’s your daddy” (whenever he makes a touchdown), and “peace out” (always when he leaves a room). he’s got the greatest and funniest accent when he says them.

yes, it’s rather fun.

6 thoughts on “learning new things

  1. Glad to see I’m the Germans are in agreement with me about the pj bottoms. You know how I feel about that. 😉

    Will work on the payment thing tomorrow. Daddy e-mailed it weeks ago so I will call tomorrow and settle it. Love you!

  2. Ok, so what I heard bout Mandisa is she won’t perform at any gay/homosexual events, nor will she take money from gay sponsors……Don’t know if you ever heard of Jaded journalist from Idol website, but she tried to witness to him in an interview online. She says she loves all people and treats others like they treat yourself but doesnt agree with their lifestyles…. Apparently people got offended when she came out singing shackles and she said “God can free you from any lifestyles and addictions,” people got offended that she was speaking of the “gays.” She had to in another interview confirm that she was talking about herself and how the she has been dealing with food addictions and cravings, and thats what she meant by “lifestyles” and “addictions”, for herself in her personal life. Shes even started a ministry with Benny Hin(Sp?). Her gospel album is supposed to debut in January/February 07…………

    different, huh?

    So how are you? I hear youre overseas-

    Enjoy yourself!!!

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