i stood in the kitchen for four hours this afternoon.  my green apron was dirty by the time i was done and i prayed that the hair net i was wearing actually held hair back from getting into the pancakes i was making.  i can’t tell you how many i made, but i can tell you that i’m so sick of pancakes that i don’t ever want to see one ever again and definitely don’t want to eat them.  not to mention, my finger tips are all very “tender” since i rolled each pancake up to prepare it to go in the freezer and most of them were very hot.

it was four hours of not doing homework, but i was able to think a lot…  think about how, without the Lord, i would not be here.  leaving home was the last idea i would have ever started to entertain and something i never wanted to do.  and leaving the country?  that’s just not me.  but i’m here, six hours ahead of you, and am daily more and more happy that i’m here.  it just feels right.  that feeling is amazing.

two days from now is thanksgiving.  it doesn’t feel like thanksgiving.  i don’t feel like thanksgiving.

did i tell you that i’ve discovered my new love of dressing up?  if you haven’t done it in awhile, plan some themed event because it is so incredibly fun.  this past sunday night found me trying my hardest to be a pirate.  the night before i had headed up the making of signs for the basketball game we were going to as a K-Group.  as the female leader of my K-Group i felt a measure of responsibility to really dress up.  i think finding everything for my “costume” was almost as fun as the evening.

but i love watching games.  i love the energy that’s included in being one of the fans.  we held up our signs proudly, yelled until we lost our voices, and took pictures with our player (staff K-Leader) after his team won.  it made me think of hockey games and how much i love watching them.

yes, pictures will be up soon.

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  1. its not fare that ever one there gets to see you and here your wonderfull laugh… i miss you laugh so much and your hugs and your encouraging words… I can’t wait to see you again!!!

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