“hi. i’m the new yorker” #2

i made The Mistake again.

we sat in a circle in a small room, surrounded by germans from a small youth group the other night.  we were there to sing, share our testimonies, and build relationships afterwards.  after the introduction explaining where we came from and what we were doing it was time to introduce ourselves.

“hi.  i’m louissa.”  i was then asked to say where home is.  “i come from new york.”  and in the midst of all the “oohs” and “ahhs” i hastily added, “…state.  new york state.“  but at that point i don’t think they were really listening.

oh well.  eventually i’ll learn.

9 thoughts on ““hi. i’m the new yorker” #2

  1. I can completely relate to this conversation, it happened to me also when I went to Texas and then Romania this past summer. I was constantly clarifying 😛
    Oh well.

  2. yea, it’s hopeless after you say, “New York” there’s not a chance that they’ll hear the “state” part!

    i did finally post. but did you read both of my posts? i also put a few videos up. you could check em out if you want. : )

    miss you tons… we were all thinking of you around the table on thanksgiving day!

    love ya!

  3. yeah. i just say i’m an hour from Ottawa; even if i get blank looks from people who don’t know that Ottawa is the capital of Canada, at least I’ve already gotten their attention away from the New York City stigma.

    love you!

  4. So, the other day someone was talking to me about Spain. She said something about “Espana,” to which I responded, “In EspanaaaAAAHHHaaahaaahhaah.”

    Thinking of you and wishing I could join you in your adventures in Germany:)

  5. Hey my loverly i miss you, Today in school i just started laughing at a funny memmorie at your house a while back. When we were makin “donuts” and you asked me to turn the music down and so i gladly turned it way up =)) That was super funnny. Ohh and remember when i like hitting you in the face with sports balls?.. I promsie i dont do it in purpose!. lol. I love you and miss you muches. When you come home in… 21 DAYS! we can have more funny memories =D I love you Louissa Havea great day.. even though i dont know if its niiight or morning there.. grr weird differen time zones! hehe

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