i’m not sure how it happened, but as we sat around the table, i suddenly found myself the only one talking (that’s not really the surprise) as the rest sat quietly and i told them of my daddy’s two brothers.  i told of their likes — of arms being tickled and shoulders being rubbed and of rewriting rules to the games to better suit oneself.  i told them about how games are played and how fun “Family Feud” can be when playing with my family.  i told them of what they looked like and why i call one of them “pootsie” and i told of the “head” of the sinclair family and all the laughs he brings.

well, i know why i started talking about it, but i’m not sure why they all sat there so still as i went on and on (i kept talking just about my uncles for a few minutes).  it’s because he was across the table from me and everytime i see him i can’t help but think of my uncle.

half an hour later we were in the midst of a game of pictionary (boys vs. girls).  suzi suddenly was fighting for rules which aren’t technically part of the game and tim (her husband) yelled, “uncle jimmy, stop!”  and andy continued it by saying, “uncle jimmy, don’t change the rules!”  i couldn’t believe they had actually listened to me ramble on.

and i felt like maybe i was a bit at home.  it was lovely.

5 thoughts on “games

  1. Louissa-

    I love reading your posts, and I can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!

    One thing, if you could: I need height and weight for Jamie on down for a life insurance switch I’m making; could you send me yours ASAP? Thanks.

    See you on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

  2. the pictures are so much fun! i’m glad we finally got to see “uncle pootsie” cause I remember you mentioning him one of the very first times you posted in the “bode”! how many guitarists are there in your singing group?

  3. I think they all sat and listened to you because you’re so fun to listen to! Can’t wait to hear you tell us stories of your time in “Ge’m’ny!” 🙂

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