update on louissa

– louissa leaves in six hours for one more outreach.  this one takes place in a city that was completely bombed and destroyed during the war and is at the very north end of germany (completely opposite of where she currently resides).  she loves outreach and is looking forward to it.  she’ll also be in another part of germany for five days and that’s always fun.

– everyday louissa remembers something else irreplaceable that was in her luggage that is still missing.  this morning she remembered all the drawings her amazing little brother had sent to her while she was here.  having brought them home because she thought she’d want to leave them there, the night before taking off, she decided that she really wanted them with her so they were slipped into her suitcase.  and now they’re lost.  it makes her more sad than all her clothes and shoes and make up that are missing.

– louissa has gotten into the habit of writing here just for the sake of having a new entry up even when she really has nothing to write (like right now).  she does this to make sure that everyone stays happy and that everyone feels like they know what’s going on while she’s thousands of miles away.  but maybe she’ll stop that soon — it ends up rather boring for the reader.

– louissa is surrounded by snow.  yesterday the temperature dropped drastically and instead of walking in a sweater like usual, she was bundled up in coat, scarf, and with gloves.  by the time she got back to school her thighs and ears were completely numb.  this is something she never thought would happen near the bodensee and is rather disappointed — she was enjoying the warm weather.  christmas is over so snow should be over.

– louissa currently has a very runny nose.  on average she is in need of a tissue every thirty-five minutes.  this makes fifty minute classes very annoying.  the idea of needing to sing for the next five days also sounds very annoying.

- louissa has decided that if she really wants to understand the Bible she needs to learn greek and hebrew.  all these differences because of translating it wouldn’t be there.

– louissa is listening to “dido” right now.  she likes it.  lots.

11 thoughts on “update on louissa

  1. ahh…listening to dido…totally hot.

    yeah, maybe merrick would enjoy it. probably not though. those words aren’t in movies. you see, the pirates of the black pearl were miscreants, but they never were bivouacking : )

    not to discourage you from learning greek and hebrew — both of which i would love to know very well…and hopefully someday i will refresh my greek ; )

    …but even once you know those languages everything is not necesarrily clear…but definitely less ambiguous.

    hope your trip is going great!


  2. Aww, hey louisssssa I miss you so much. I can’t believe you’re staying until September!!!
    Well, I’m glad I could make you laugh even though you’re so far away!!!

  3. brietta likes louissa’s updates, even when the writer assumes they are boring, and she would be very sad if louissa ever stopped writing as frequently.


  4. so…i’ve been listening to lots of music lately. after one of the dixie chick’s song came this new one that i’d never heard before. i really liked it. i looked up the girl and i found out that she’s german. yeah. her name is cascada (more like that’s what she goes by). so yeah. i like a german artist. a lot. i’ve actually been listening to the song nonstop. it’s called everytime we touch. it’s so techno. hah. i love it. =P

  5. i just realized i forgot to write a word in one of those sentences. oh well. i do that a lot. or forget to write a letter (i’m always writing befor instead of before). yeah. it’s not very cool. anyways…

    i’m going to start pride and prejudice now. i’ll talk to you later. love you.

  6. so sorry about merrick’s drawings. i would be very sad and prob cry. is the airline going to reimburse you for your many losses? they’re supposed to. and i agree w/brietta. have fun on outreach 🙂

  7. I agree with brietta ^^^

    don’t ever stop writing just cause you think you’re getting boring, cause i’ve never been bored with your posts — and it’s the best way for me to keep up with the weather in germany. ; )

  8. James thinks that the updates are good… even if they are boring… which this one is most certainly not… in James’s oppinion of course…. but James hopes that all the comments make Louissa feel good… even though James just read an entry about Louissa loosing some stuff… that was important to her. James also has a runny nose… and a three hour course… that’s very quiet so everyone looks at him with a strange look on their face when he goes over to the tissue box… or sniffs… or does anything but stand still.

    James has said enough though… and he has class.


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