love time

i’ve told you how much i love my K-Group before (look for #7), but now i just love them even more.  tonight our K-5 boys surprised us girls with a dinner.  they were dressed up, had flowers, and came into the school’s dinner right before it started to escort us ladies out.  it was a lovely surprise.

anyways. i think valentines day is wonderful, even if i’m so far from the people i love most.

p.s.  i know some of you may be worried that i’m losing my coolness while being away, but don’t worry, i’m still amazing and everything you want to be.  i’ll always blow you away with my coolness.

4 thoughts on “love time

  1. haha… did i mention that some of the staff were involved as well? and sure, they’re nice jolly boys, but no worries, these lads aren’t for me.  : )

  2. look at those snazzy boys, i love the white pants 😛 it was really sweet of them to surprise you girls… i haven’t even been thinking about valentine’s day & its so close! oh my! 😛 hehe.

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