i’ve decided to take the advice from the wise and do a bit of traveling while here in europe.  on thursday i’ll leave to go and spend a few days in “Europe’s most beautiful city”.  i’ll be spending a few days in Prague, Czech Republic.  i cannot wait!


it’s my valentines gift to me!  ; )

10 thoughts on “leaving

  1. Mr. Lindsey went to Prague a while ago. He talks about it every once in a while still. He really liked it. He went to see some famous violinist or composer’s grave there. It sounds like a really cool place. I hope you have fun. =)

  2. I think Prague is where there is a Love Parade once a year – kind of like a european woodstock that travels all around the continent. Sounds great, right? You should check it out.


    So, moral of the story: if you see a VERY, very large group of hippies/technos/ravers, don’t think twice: stop, drop, and roll.

    **don’t ask: its late.**

  3. ps. when I say a very large group of people, I am referring to the 1,000,00+ people roaming the street. Not sure how you make a parade out of 1,000,000 people: umm, and I think the Macy’s thanksgiving parade is long… its a good thing they don’t air this on CBS.

  4. I’m really curious to see what you think of it. When I was in Vienna this summer, I didn’t make it to Prague, but some of my friend did…and the opinions were very polarized! I’ve heard that it’s pretty dirty in a lot of places (but, other than Innsbruck, what isn’t??)…and it might have just been the place they were staying. I am very curious to see how your trip goes..oh, I miss going on little weekend excursions!!! European travel is so fun.

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