where ya from?

hi.  my name is louissa and i’m a citizen of the United States of America.  i read this to keep up with my country.  i love my country.

hi.  my name is louissa and i’m from new york state.  when i read this i remember how much i love the place that everyone thinks of when they hear my states name.

hi.  my name is louissa and i hail from St. Lawrence County and when i read this (thanks, colin) i think of my home, how wonderful it is, and how there is no other place that i love more.

there are some things that even Europe for five months can’t change.  : )

6 thoughts on “where ya from?

  1. blahhh, im bad at html…. the word” this” (which doesn’t even appear in the comment) is supposed to be a link to your blog… just pretend it works 😉

  2. Your making me miss Potsdam too! That is awesome that St. Lawrence county is # 6 on the top 10.


  3. mr. lindsey’s going to prague this summer. he’s got a bunch of recitals there. =)

    I miss you.

    love you so much. i wear the shirt you gave me for christmas at least once each week because it reminds me of you. i’m not sure why because i think about you all the time but still. i just do. =)

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