packages from home (i know it’s a bit dark, but there’s absolutely no program for me to use on these computers to brighten them at all) makes me happy (while i’m on the subject i may as well mention that if another one is ever sent, i’d really appreciate some sort of USA shirt that i can wear on the 4th, seeing as though i’m the lonely american on the team and would enjoy feeling a bit patriotic that day).  reading through the last few chapters in matthew with the other two girls here makes me happy.  talking about our family traditions makes me happy.  easter makes me happy because Jesus makes me happy.

tomorrow will be, by far, the strangest easter i’ll ever experience since most of the day will be spent in the kitchen washing dishes.  but that’s okay.  i’ll celebrate my Lord’s risen life while i make it possible for the many german families that have spent the weekend here to have an enjoyable easter sunday which includes no preparing meals and no doing dishes.  i love easter no matter where i am or what i’m doing and what traditions i’m missing while drying plate after plate, cup after cup, and fork after fork.  i love it because of what the day represents and the wondrous life that i have because of it.  i love it because i love my Jesus and what He did for me.

happy easter, everybody.

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  1. I hope you have the happiest of unusual Easters ever, you special, special girl!

    We’re thinking of you, missing you and Carina and Ryan. Thanking God that we all are hidden in Him forever. What a treasure – what a wonderful way to live this life!

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