sometimes funny things happen around here.  like the lake is extremely low right now so as you walk you might see one of these guys digging up a layer of dirt from the bottom of it. 

and sometimes i should just keep my mouth shut.  i mentioned a week ago that i think most european hair is pretty darn cool.  i was then asked by one of the boys on my team if i think mullets are cool.  i said sometimes. 

yesterday, this said boy, asked me to cut his hair.  he wanted a mullet.  he hates mullets and thinks they’re prefectly dreadful, but his hair was too long for him and he wanted to have some fun and surprise his mom who was coming. 

now i don’t cut hair.  i stay away from things like that since styling my own hair can be such a struggle at times.  i didn’t want to cut his hair, but no one else would do it so today i took a deep breath, borrowed a razor and scissors and cut his hair.

the beginnings

almost there

crazy “stylist”

the mullet man ‘n me

11 thoughts on “days

  1. You are such a crrrrrazy girl! And what’s with the warm weather shirt. Oh, well, soon we will be warm around here, too.

    Production week tomorrow! Yikes!

    Love you!

  2. you’re the best! what a sport you are… the last time i saw you cut a boy’s hair was at the mcgrath’s for the musical/hannah’s surprise party and you cut josh’s hair!

    crazzy times… you’re so fun!

  3. There are certain things I will not be party to, no matter how “in vogue” they become: tapered jeans (I just don’t think assigning the name “skinny” makes them cooler than the jeans we all wore in the early ’90s) and mullets. I’m disappointed, Louissa… 🙂

    Hey, did you know it’s supposed to be 84* here today? Last week it was snowing!! Gotta love the North Country and our ridiculous weather changes!!

  4. you did a good job! at least it looks like a good hair cut. love the pics. they are SO much fun and it is fun seeing your smile and you having fun. Great hat! i think my fave one is the one w/you holding the comb and clippers. 🙂

  5. ummm… i didn’t write the other comment. i’m not sure who did. (mom?)

    looks like fun. =P

    p.s. mullets are just weird and i don’t think i’ll ever like them even if they are “back in”.

  6. yeah, i thought the same thing as julia–that mcgrath party and you and hannah each chopping away at either side. =)

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