advertising all the way from G’many

we decided to sit down and learn some new songs today.  after all, we play lots of music and have quickly gotten bored with our selection of the same twenty songs.  after listening to one song using an iPod or MP3 player or some such electronic gadget that is so popular right now, i was handed the tambourine and told to play it.  and the following conversation ensued:

me:     yay!  i feel like my dad — this is so cool.
them:  your dad plays tambourine?
me:     yeah, in church.  hey, you know those people who play tambourine in church but just shouldn’t because sometimes they get off and you love them so much?
them:  no, but we don’t go to a pentecostal church.  wait, your dad plays in the congregation?
me:     yeah.
them:  and the person who gets off — do they just play from wherever?
me:     yeah.
them:  dude, do you have people with flags and ribbons?
me:     yeah, there’s a lady who uses flags during worship.
them:  sweet!  can we visit your church sometime?

of course i told them that they could.

4 thoughts on “advertising all the way from G’many

  1. I wish they would all come a spend a couple of weeks. We could show them NYC ala Aunt Judy’s house in Northport, do Niagara Falls, hit up Fort Ti, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec — whatever! As long as they are here for a service or two… 🙂

    Bring ’em home, sweetie!

  2. Yeh, I’m pretty sure I go to a church like that too so maybe you could bring them down here too….you know so that they get the full rounded’ experience?! It would only be fair. Smiles.


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