a few photos to show you what life is like here in Germany and as part of the staff here at Bodenseehof:

like i said, the garbage system is incredible.

there is nothing like a walk along the wall.

and nothing like sitting on the wall.

and more sitting.

empty flip-flops.

half-on flip-flops.

full flip-flops.

and then there’s the new sport here at bodenseehof.  slack-lining for fun:

some jump onto it.

others have a hard time finding their balance.

and others do it with their eyes closed.

sometimes it’s such a pretty lake that i live by.

i dry dishes after every meal and sometimes water fights happen and i get soaked.

this past sunday afternoon was spent by the beach with almost the entire staff.

“joe the carpenter”

“steve the dean” (and wonderfulness in the background).

prince andrew my love.

father and son.

and i’m still as cool as ever.

5 thoughts on “pictures

  1. Today is a drippy day in NNY and your pictures made me happy to see the sun shining with you in Germany. Keep posting the pictures – I LOVE them! It would be great if you stopped by the salon today – I could do your hair and drink coffee with you – relaxing thing to do on a muggy, tepid tuesday.

    How is your hair holding up btw? are you going to be able to hold out till September?


  2. Ooh! I love it when you post pictures.

    I love it when you write updates, too.

    Actually, I love it all. So you should do it more. 🙂

  3. Miss Louissa,

    I spent a lovely Mother’s Day at your home this past Sunday along with my guys…what fun!
    As I sat in the front room watching special people open special gifts, I thought of you! I thought of how I miss your smile and, of course, your infamous laugh! I thought of all the wonderful things that you have had the chance to experience these past several months. And then I thought that soon, in a little bit, I’ll get to see you again in person. How sweet that will be!

    I love you, miss you, and think of you often.

    Hugs and kisses,

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