back to reality

there’s a sign hanging on the dining room door with colorful words welcoming me home.

i’ve not been here for twenty-four hours and i’ve already had my hair cut (i love my sister) and saw a newly decorated salon.

i’ve stood in my kitchen and laughed with younger sisters and a friend while brownies were being made.

i ate on my pink side porch while talking even more.

a sister walked down with her little wagon and i tickled my babies, listened to the talkative princess of the family, wondered at the little boy in the baby of the family, and laughed at our serious four-year-old.

i’ve talked. and i’ve talked a lot. i’ve “bored” them with my stories (i’m so loved around here) and entertained them with sound effects to go with them. they’ve caught me up on what they’ve been doing and all the goings on here and i’ve been reminded of how much i love these people and this place.

i’m home. and i love it.

11 thoughts on “back to reality

  1. Yay, the side porch! I am so thankful that you got home safely, and that everything sounds like it is so great. I thought of your laughter today, and it made me smile… and miss hearing it and you. I hope there are lots of things to make you laugh at home. God Bless you!

  2. hey! let me know if there is like any time this weekend or next week or whenever, that i could come by and see you, or get together with you or something…

  3. hey, I am also on the lookout for a certain redheaded girl.
    When I see her, I will welcome her home most emphatically.

  4. YEA!!! Welcome home!!! I know you are a welcome sight for many! I love hearing about you and your life. You are a wonderful a wonderful sister and aunt, and an incredible person. Blessings and love to you. 🙂

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